Videos for February 2012

How Art Works? by Tymek Borowski and Pawel Sysiak. I really recommend you take twelve minutes to watch this to the end.

Art desperately needs a resurgence of ‘coarse’, earnest artists. Forty years of evolution of the least common denominators between conceptualism, the postmodernist outlook of history, the liberal markets and the academic tradition led to a vicious cycle of non-stop bullshitting in the art world, which fed both the speculators and the dandies who brought about the twin curses of ‘creative industries’ and hipsterism — which in turn eventually led to this guy.

So let’s ‎”try to communicate as simply and directly as possible, even if it sounds stupid.”

Robot Readable World is an interesting video made from recorded footage of computer vision sytems. Despite the fact these ‘behind the scenes’ images are actually generated for the benefit of the humans programming and debugging such systems, as computers don’t really ‘see’, I still find them somewhat creepy. To me, all look like Terminator-vision. (via Boing Boing)