Images for January 2012

There’s a recurrent theme in my inbox as another semester is near the end. (And yes, I do use that wooden desk Gmail theme. Let a man keep his kitschy customizations.)

Agreed. I try hard to circunvent this sad fact of life by wanting to do things that can still be considered productive — something I call ‘active procrastination’. Sadly, I’m often unsuccessful.

I guess I’m going through a deliberately defective images phase. Here, have some Notendo.

Here’s a new sad pasttime of mine, The Gallery of Dead Projects. It will contain posters for all the films I never did, either because I couldn’t find a way to fund and/or shoot them, or because they were only temporary musings and I never even bothered to commit anything to paper. This first one definitely refers to the latter type of project — at some point, I guess I wanted to make a film like Dune, but good and set in this solar system. Don’t we all?

But then again, perhaps this movie does indeed exist, as a blockbuster in the same parallel universe where a James O. Incandenza does his arthouse movies (hence the ‘Interlace’ Infinite Jest reference). I’d like that.