Yesterday was a big day on the camera technology front. RED unveiled its newest digital cinema camera — the Scarlet-X —, while Canon presented its first attempt at a similar ‘digital cinema’ camera — the C300. And these may be pretty cool, but it seems to me the definitive pivotal moment in video camera technology already happened a few years ago with affordable video-capable DSLRs, and the new offers from Canon and RED are just expensive small increments (even if there’s no better statement on the DSLR Revolution than the fact that a $16K cine camera can be termed ‘expensive’).

Anyway, the one camera announced yesterday I fell in love with was the Lomokino. I have never been much of a fan of Lomo cameras and the whole ‘forced lo-fi’ concept, and their whole photo lineup still strikes me as some form of hipster bling, but somehow this one seems just like a lovely toy. And even if this is no time for toys — for, even if all the news seem to be about Greece nowadays, Portugal’s economy ain’t no pickle —, I think I can get myself a 60 euro toy for Christmas along with a few film rolls. After all I don’t smoke and I learned to pack sandwiches. I can’t wait to do some animated GIFs with this thing.