If Ten Else

This blog is 10 years old

Ten years ago I started a weblog in this space (I mean in here, Tumblrites). That’s a century in Internet years; three and a half weeks if you actually account for my actual writing and lack of enthusiasm. Anyway, this weblog is perhaps my most compreensive (and embarrassing) record of life in the past ten years, mostly in the form of short-lived and now-incompreensible Internet memes (again, I mean this blog, not its content management system, a billion Tumblr years old).

So. It’s actually quite tempting to just pull the plug on the whole thing and call it a nice round decade summed up in 1583 lazy blog posts (one every 2.3 days — not that bad in retrospect). Perhaps I could start investing the freed time promoting my career on LinkedIn or the Behance Network. However, I know I’d actually waste my time sharing short-lived Internet memes on Facebook. So why bother closing?

I’ll come up with a new version of this weblog instead; at least I’ll keep a SQL database of my wasted time. I’m actually working on it, but I’m late. As always.