July 19th 2009

Action Painting #8 (after Michael Bay). It may be really a lot of wishful thinking on my part, but I want to believe there’s more to Michael Bay than just literally blowing up millions of dollars in a big loud BOOM! CDM describes how Jeremy Rotsztain made some generative ‘action paintings’ informed by Bay’s mindless action sequences.

Invisible flash takes photos without the glare

The Null Device links to the ‘dark flash’, which is an infrared flash that could turn bright flashes in the night obsolete (saving all those people in say, football stadiums, the embarrassement of being seen using a light source with a range of 8 meters to snap a picture of the far side goal). But I started thinking, isn’t this something you can already do. There are plenty of tutorials on how to remove your camera sensor’s infrared filter, and I’m pretty sure you can fit a IR-transmitting filter to a flash to achieve the same effect. Lots of interesting exposure calculations (as you need to compensate exposure in higher wavelenghts) will follow, I’m sure.