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Objets trouvés

Now that's what I need — blogging for the lazy: Lately I've been experimenting with Tumblr, a "web two-point-oh service" (websites are now 'services') which brings the better mousetrap approach to blogging. Of course, everyone else has been using bookmarklets for ages and If Then Else is perhaps the only weblog in the world in which the author still types crude HTML into an ugly textbox (after all, nobody else sees it) in a page generated by a CGI script. Anyway: I love the way Tumblr's bookmarklet automatically detects what you are posting. For instance, if you have selected text in the page you're in it becomes a 'quote post', click a button and you are presented with a list of image in that page if you wish to post an image — and it'll copy it to Tumblr's server so you're not stealing bandwidth, resizing it to a selection of multiple sizes in the process (so it can fit in different page widths — templates are fully customizable). Sure it's still in beta — true beta, of the limited functionality kind (no comments, and the permalinks are illogical), but so far, so good. It imports RSS so you can read regular If Then Else posts or watch Fotologue photos there, and features an API, so in the future I'll get If Then Else to fetch my Tumblr posts and turn my blogging once again into a big happy family.

My 'tumblelog'? Found Objects.

17th floor

Ping Pong

The office. Mobile phone upload works!