Sweet yogurt and some cheese

The 10 Best Short Films of 2006 according to Cinematical. The article features video links, so I guess I'll have a nice evening ahead.

The Best Blogs of 2006 that you're not reading, according to fimoculous.com. I'm actually reading some of these for quite a while, but an interesting list neverthless.

The World's Longest Diary was obsessively kept by American Robert Shields who wrote 35 million words in 20 years, even recording his pulse and blood pressure several times a day. I think there's a movie in this...

Mandolux features some beautiful multi-monitor desktop backgrounds.

In an attempt to clear the streets and the environment of plastic bags, the Japanese Ministry of Environment has published instructions on the various ways to fold the furoshiki, the traditional blanket that when folded can be used to carry objects just like a bag. So simple I feel stupid for using plastic bags.

Hans van der Meer photographs amateur football fields all over Europe.

Color photos of 1930s North America. Somehow we always think of the timespan from the 1850s to the 1950s in black and white, and it's amazing to see something unexpected. Reminds me of the Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record — unbelieveable photos of Imperial Russia in the early 1900s —, and the whole lot here.

I never had a lot of trouble coming up with color schemes for my designs as somehow I always managed to hit the colors that work for me intuitively, but for those who just aren't very good at it or those that unlike me do worry about nailing the right colors precisely, here's Adobe Kuler, a color scheme generation tool in Flash that allows you to create color schemes in very precise ways. For more information, get a crash course in color theory.