September 11th 2002

Dr. Manhattan's failure

The destruction of the World Trade Center in New York one year ago was the most significant historical event since the fall of the Berlin Wall, perhaps even since the end of World War II. The day's title tag here on IF THEN ELSE read 'Dr. Manhattan', not only because I was reading the Watchmen comic book at the time it all happened but because I was hoping, much like the faux alien attack on New York in Watchmen (now how about that for a coincidence?), the September 11 terror attacks would turn the United States again in a country doing The Right Thing, that is, looking for the attack's motivations in their foreign policy and correcting accordingly, fighting international arms sales, promoting worldwide education as a way to fight the obscurantism that fuels terrorism, investigating offshore bank accounts, forcing Israel to negotiate, signing international treaties so that nothing, nothing could be pointed to a true Land of the Free. However, it is needless to say, the United States' oppressive government and its associated oligarchy did exactly the opposite, and at any moment now the US will stop being an hypocrite nation and will assume itself as Imperial America, under Emperor George Brutus the Second, taking over their allies as provinces. Where's the real War Against Terror? Now I shall do what the media won't: Shut the fuck up for 24 hours.