Stereo MCs?!

But is this worse? And why there are so much advertisements to 'exclusive' compilation CDs full of utter crap?

Ace, eagle, birdie, par: Why is there so much golf on American TV networks?

Today I had the strangest dream in years. I was at the International Space Station and kept worrying about the escape pods (which were plastic cilinders) not having a parachute. And someone said that the people interested on a parachute should have brought one with them. Weird.

So almost everyone is on vacation, at the beaches of Algarve, in Cuba (the Alentejo village, not the island), in Spain and in Luxembourg (!). Except me, someone who hasn't left Porto for more than one day since I came back from a short trip to London in 1999. Actually, July and August are my favourite months to stay here, because the city is nearly empty. However, that's also a problem, as less people here mean less people to hang out with and practice social skills. In the end, it ends up being the best time of the year to work. Almost. <Yawn>.