Three-year old rave megahits

The 2001 Designer Site Chklst: is your website really trendy and tuned to the zeitgeist? This is a nice stab at today's creative elite, and although I may admit to use random polygon shapes, lowercase type, experimental sections, :: as design element, MM_ javascript, sans-serif fonts, experimental electronica loops, and scanlines as design elements, I'm still far away from checking all 30 items in the checklist, right? Right. Anyway, what saves me (and my clients and visitors) is being a functionalist, so my websites at least are usable and intuitive, although I might have a cronic disrespect for web standards. I think no item on the checklist can be considered as bad, as long as people design responsibly and ergonomically. (link via the asian bastard)

Today is St. John's Day, that means the annual celebration in this city. So we'll all be eating sardines at diner, and afterwards we'll launch balloons and go outside and try to hit anything that moves with a soft plastic hammer (it used to be a weird garlic stick in the old days). Tradition is fun.

So, that Net Authority thing was an hoax. I fell for it, so did The Register. Such fundamentalist groups exist though, and that's why that hoax did work so well.