A brain on feet?

However... Is this worse? It seems that Christian groups consist mostly of negligent parents that prefer to ban 'offensive content' rather than properly educating and keeping an eye on their children. People should go after such negligent parents, not people who provide content that is not for children. (link via Zeldman)

Now this is just stupid. So let's ban Minesweeper, because that small inhuman game is actually pro-landmine propaganda. What a load of crap. I'm really fed up of these 'humanitarian' dreadheads who are against censorship (defending 'offensive' games such as Quake) but then decide to attack WinMine... had Christian fundamentalist groups decided to attack WinMine first, hippie marxists would be pro-Minesweeper now. Why can't just people understand that it is a fucking videogame? We've all killed billions of electronic creatures, haven't we? Are we all serial-killers? Of course not. In WinMine you are not placing landmines (unlike in good strategy games like C&C), you are avoiding them! So WinMine has landmines, let's ban it! Shootings kill people, let's ban shooting games! Car accidents kill people, let's ban racing games! Drugs kill people, let's ban Dopewars! This is just a load of bullshit, as hypocrite as Brigitte Bardot's pro-animal rights, but racist movement. You either allow everything or ban everything, for sake of coherence. Radical groups have tried to ban a few of the genres mentioned, but personally, I'm against censorship, which only fuels hypocrisy and oppresses people. Let's fight landmines and other forms of violence in real life, and let's leave videogames alone, 'cos many of us love them. Shall we? (link via the null device)