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FC Porto 2 — Marítimo 0: Which means my football club has won the Portuguese Cup. Nice.

Vaguely related to 'The Tailor of Panama', but possibly a spoiler: Why do American movies have always this shitty morality thing at the end. Why can't movies be realistic? In The Tailor of Panama — a production with a strong European influence — the villain wins and ends up laughing at everyone else. There is absolutely no morality in it, it is just how things are. And is this bad? Won't people watching the movie be able to tell the difference between right and wrong? Do typical American movies really need blatant morality? Does it work? Looking at American crime, lack of ethics, selfishness and dementia, I think not.

I went to see The Tailor of Panama, a movie based on a book by John Le Carré and starring Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey Rush. As anything related to Le Carré, this is a spy drama, and indeed a very good one. Brosnan's casting is obviously no coincidence, as he's given the chance to play the ultimate anti-James Bond, a crap but ruthless spy in Panama with questionable ethics, zero charm and absolutely no desire to save the world. Like real spies, indeed. Geoffrey Rush is also brilliant in his role, a tailor who likes to talk far too much, inventing all kinds of stories that Osnard (Brosnan) will take very seriously. Or won't he? Definitely a great flick, highly recommended.