Invert the universe

Ever wondered what was Coca-Cola's secret ingredient? Well, now you can drink your own home-made Cola, which may taste similar to the real thing. Via Memepool.

I have spent 75euro in a couple of CDs and a few magazines. I ordered them from Safety in Numbers, a New York record shop, which most of the money I spent was due to taxes (on both sides of the Atlantic) and shipping fees. Anyway, I don't mind paying such overwhelming taxes for these records, both from Aussie label Surgery Records, as they are quite worth it. Initial Release is a very nice 2CD compilation, enough to keep any good electronica fan happy; and Love Like Life in Miniature by Super Science is an absolutely wonderful record, a Boards of Canada-ish blend of pop and i.d.m., so far my favourite this year. Highly recommended.

It's Alex's ('ziggy' of Cafeína fame) birthday. Happy birthday, limey! Anyway, I wonder why many people's birthdays (me included) are during April or May... Oh, I see, they don't have TV sets on those summer resorts' hotel rooms!