B6 d++ t+ k+ s u f i o+ x e l c

Which is quite interesting to notice that as one of the webdesigner's major burdens — to design specifically for IE and Netscape — becomes a thing of the past, many 'avant-garde' A-list designers start getting into designing different 'skins' of the same site, almost as if they were addicted to designing for different people specifically. Or webstandards are bad to many webdesigners' outstanding fees. What next, will architects start building homes that can change colour and layout with the flick of a switch? (Hold on, haven't they done that already?)

Zeldman's A List Apart has a tutorial on a sweet stylesheet switcher. Very cool, as it enables a site's visitors to 'change skins' (including the site's colours, graphics and fonts) instantly. Yep, I definitely think these will be as widespread as those utterly fucking useless, ahem, cool background colour changer javascripts.

What the hell? B6 d++ t+ k+ s u f i o+ x e l c. No, I'm not sending a secret message to a secret organization. It is simply my Blogger Code, roughly the weblogger's equivalent of one's blood type (except I find it much easier to memorize "O-").

Oh, and at last Philips did something to compensate for their crap products, taking a stand against copy-control mechanisms. Oh well, I guess you can't be all bad, even though my old Philips CD-burner was probably the crappest piece of gear I ever bought. At least they are ideologically correct. Now, if only Sony thought the same way... (via TND)

A flying green cow

So I finally started developing photos. I really enjoy spending time in the dark room, although I found my skin to be alergical to the chemicals involved. Anyway, as I am still learning how to operate my camera, I was surprised by some of my efforts, even though many photos looked dull or had problems. The following pictures are examples of photos I consider good — my grandmother, my cat and a nifty 70s Toyota I found parked nearby proved good models...

My grandma and a large copy of Mona Lisa

"Geoshities: (gee-o-shit-ees) v. A shit site that is hosted for free by the GeoCities service." Witness classic webshites such as the Asian Prince or the Trailer Park Page. Ugh! (via GN)

Three three

Very cool, technologically advanced, etecetera... But doesn't the new iMac look like a cheap lamp?

Faka fetai

And finally I got my first euro. Actually, my first 50 cents. Needless to say, I haven't obtained it in any change (the government will have a hard time telling shopkeepers to leave the escudo), instead a friend gave it to me in exchange for a 100 escudos (equals 50 eurocents) coin.

Now you can also visit If Then Else thru www.ifthen.tk, thanks to the nice people of the island of Tokelau who are giving away ad-free domains for free. Which is nice.

World Cup football

And to keep on with tradition here's my New Year 2002 mixtape. And you can listen to it too! You'll probably enjoy it if you are into funk, reggae and 70s black music in general. A few odd moments too, but you'll be finding out about those.

New Year's Resolutions:

  • I shall not quit college this time.
  • I shall actually buy at least one record this year.
  • I shall become unbeatable at billiards.
  • I shall prevent my sister from becoming a spoiled irritating child.
  • I shall do only the necessary webpage redesigns; and I shall terminate pointless websites.
  • I shall be having a drink at the Guernica Caffe the first day it re-opens.

New Year's Predictions:

  • There won't happen any gruesome terrorist attacks (except for the usual Hamas/ETA/Real IRA). Those will happen in 2003 or in 2004, when people consider the world safe again.
  • Business will be back to usual, so there will be no war against Iraq, Sudan or Somalia. However, the war against privacy and civil liberties will continue, just in case.
  • However, India and Pakistan will probably nuke each other.
  • More of the same in Israel. Until 3002, probably.
  • Nature will continue having its revenge at Man. Floods, stroms, heat waves, volcanoes, etc. No surprise if L.A., San Francisco and Seattle disappear off the face of the Earth in a gigantic earthquake (well, at least that would take care of Microsoft).
  • Anti-globalization and being a leftist becomes unfashionable. Protests will happen, but only with a few hundred die-hard communists.
  • Right-wing parties take power all over Europe. This will eventually lead Europe to demographic disaster (because of their immigration restritions) and chaotic corruption, but 2002 is too soon for people to see this.
  • More of the same unsavoury justice towards free speech, copyright liberation and privacy activists. Bad justice also against atheists and artistic types.
  • Anti-Bush sentiment arises in the US, as the media try to stifle it.
  • Portugal gets sent home in the World Cup after the first round, after drawing against Poland and losing against South Korea and the USA.

The Euro: I still don't wave any Euros in my wallet. More updates on this after I go buy the newspaper.

2002 is a World Cup year. Hurrah!

Million million million

New Years' eve. Also, Euro's eve. I'm quite curious how will the new currency actually come out, but at least we get rid of the third-world Escudo (which is indeed a bit the way it is portrayed in the Fast Show — only the Italian Lira is even worse). More details tomorrow.

2001 — The list:

Major events (world): 11.09, Bush in power, the on-going perversion of faith, on-going corporate oligarchy, the fall of the Portuguese government, Nature getting revenge at Man.
Major events (personal): Going into film college, the WAUP exhibit, and not much more. Ah, setting up a weblog.
Best month: April. Felt very creative, very halcyon-ish. That's Spring for you.
Worst month: September. 11.09, and then WAUP's debut exhibit went badly.
Fav. movies: Wonderboys, Amélie, Paul is Dead, The Tailor of Panama.
Fav. books: Filth, Watchmen (comics), Girfriend in a Coma.
Fav. music: Same as 2000. 2001's releases were shite.


I too have a Blogspot/Blogger blog: here's Else Then If. Aherm. Actually I am writing an article for Cafeína on "How to do your own weblog" and I realized I knew nothing about how Blogger worked (I'm a DIY person). So now I know.

Schizo Cat

And yet more geek stuff: Copy-protection mechanisms zeitgeist. Scary stuff. I think in ten years time I'll be using some renegade Unix on a 'classic' 2001 PC. If new technology is shite, why upgrade?

Geek humour: Design your own O'Reilly book cover. Ahah. I own three O'Reilly books ('Javascript — The Definitive Guide', 'Perl in a Nutshell' — pretty useless since I found out I hate Perl, and the essential 'Webmaster in a Nutshell'), and this parody is very spot on indeed. (via GN)

Encryption is freedom

Why not downloading the entire internet?

Some major IRC servers are running in 'debug mode', which enables their admins to see all private chats and passwords, then to forward that information to the FBI or to the Scotland Yard. We all know that the MSN, AOL or ICQ networks aren't that secure, but the fact that the Big Brother is watching .org EFNet servers has got to make you think. Yes, of course they are protecting us from eeevil terrorists and warez traders, but if you indulge in nasty IRC conversations I wouldn't bet on a political carreer (yes, the first sexual scandal via IRC logs is just a matter of time). And I wouldn't advise European companies to share sensitive data over the internet — I still think the CIA is more concerned with industrial espionage than terrorism prevention. I want an unbreakable encryption internet protocol and I want it now! (via geeknews)